Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sweet Home Arizona -

I try not to get political on my blog, but the events this past week have certainly been painful for everyone in Tucson. So many people were affected by the irrational, violent, and hateful acts of one individual-

I grew up in Tucson, and this week, after nearly 42 years here, have been telling my friends that "this is not my Tucson anymore." As I prepare to spend today assisting with logistics of the community memorial the University is hosting, including President Obama, I was struggling with my own feelings of sadness, frustration, and longing for a more civil community. I read the above piece over a cup of coffee and now feel that I am ready to provide whatever I can throughout the day in honor of the victims and families, as well as my city as a whole.

Thanks so much to Aurelie Sheehan, director of the creative writing program here at the University of Arizona for publishing her op-ed piece in the NY Times; it has put words to my feelings; it has helped me to move forward.

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