Saturday, April 2, 2011

Solar sizzle

Yesterday temperatures here in the Old Pueblo took a high climb to the mid-90' that is sizzling, for this time of year, even for a native naked Puebloan like myself.  Today is slightly cooler but hot nonetheless.  I did manage to get a sketch of the sun in early this morning, all the while trying to keep the sweat from dripping into the eyepiece or onto my clipboard.  There are many active regions, however, none are that bright with the exception of 11183 near the meridian in the north.  My sketch was completed at 1652 UT (9:52 MST) this morning.  In addition to my sketch, I present you an image of the sun taken today from Cloudy Nights Solar Forum contributer, Olivier...visit his website to see some great stuff.  I have taken the liberty of reversing his image to match my sketch.  His image was taken several hours earlier than my drawing and you can see how the filament in the southwest (lower left) changed between our observations.  Also not how many more this filaments developed in the northern hemisphere.

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