Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer adventures

 I've been thinking about the blog a bit lately, but have not really had a chance to post.  Currently I am in the midst of a 2.5 week camping vacation in the Colorado Rockies with my son Ian.  We have done some amazing things, and have had a wonderful time just hanging out together.  Pictures and a full report will follow in the next week or so when I am back in Tucson.

Ian at summitt of Mt. Elbert, highest point in the Rockies!
Thanks to my good friend and Tucsonan at heart, Cindy Sanchez who has shared her home, shower and washing machine with Ian and I for the past 36 hours...we head off first thing in the morning to meet some great friends south of Telluride for a final 4 days of camping at high elevation and then back to the Old Pueblo.


  1. Can't wait to see the pics from the Telluride area! Safe travels!

  2. Stunning area...just got home last night..will post pics soon. It was great to see you- wish we could hang out more often!