Saturday, August 27, 2011

Solar Sketch August 27, 2011

The predicted high temperature for today at the Lost Pleiad Observatory is 108 Degrees F, and we are well on our way with temperatures hovering at 101 at 12:45 PM.  If we hit this temperature, it will be four of the last seven days that we have tied or broken the record high temperature for a given date.  The nice part about this, is that we still have a monsoon moisture pattern in the vicinity and the daily heating jump starts some serious thunderstorms that bring relief...if one is lucky enough to be in the storm's path.  Speaking of storm paths, a shout out to those family and friends on the east coast who are getting hit by hurricane Irene.  Take cover, and bring your scopes indoors!

This morning I observed the sun and made a sketch of several of the numbered active regions facing the earth.  The atmosphere was not great as I had to make the sketch early (7:30-7:55 MST) and the image at the eyepiece was not as steady as I would have liked.  Typically, the best window to observe the sun is right around 2 to 3 hours after sunrise.  In addition, the transparency was average due, I think, to high levels of humidity.

Below left is my sketch of the sun at 1455 UT, and Below right is an image from the solar observatory at Mauna Loa, Hawaii, part of the National Solar Observatory.  The Mauna Loa image is from about 4 hours following my observation.

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  1. Excellent report Alan, really like your sketches, hope the weather is better for you soon! :)