Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot

Quite the day for solar observing today, with crystal clear skies and slightly lower humidity than we have had these last several weeks.  I completed a sketch of the Sun in hydrogen alpha this morning at 9:42 local time (1642 UT). Skies were quite steady and I was able to see much more detail within each active region than I could possibly capture in a sketch .  Active region 11280, which is on the extreme northwest limb, was producing a spectacular prominence that was changing so rapidly that it appeared different each time I looked back to it while sketching other areas.  Next to my sketch below is an image from the Big Bear Solar Observatory taken at 1650 UT, just minutes after my sketch.

Click the images to enlarge them

Update- Andy Devely in the UK maintains The Solar Explorer website which I highly recommend you visit.  He posted the animation below of the spectacular prominence erupting from AR 11280 during the time I made my sketch:

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