Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Faces only a mother could love

Occasionally I have posted about my dear spouse and son on the blog, and I have had a couple folks ask about the "Others" in our family...so without too much fanfare, I give you Cosmo, our mutt.  He is also affectionately known as Mo-Mo after my nephew Evan first called him that as he was learning to speak (Evan, not Cosmo), and also occasionally as Cosmonaut, Mo-Mo Jones, or when misbehaving - knucklehead.  cosmo is 8 years old and is finally, maybe, done with the puppy years!?!

The other male member of the clan is Spike, our desert tortoise.  We adopted Spike about 7 years ago when I was actually wanting a goat (think milk, cheese and free weed control)...I got to discussing my desire to adopt a goat with a woman at the dog park who indicated she needed to find a home for her tortoise as she was relocating to northern climes.  Well, this was all Beth and Ian needed to hear and my goat plans went by the wayside.  Spike is a pretty cool character and other than hanging out, well, he pretty much hangs out.  He is somewhere in his mid 40's which is early middle age.  A toroise like Spike can live to around 100!

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