Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Beach

Ian and I are in Los Angeles hanging out with my niece and nephew for the weekend while my sister and her husband are off celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary.  We had a great time yesterday at the beach and today's post features my first guest blogger ever, my niece, Sophie.

The beach!

The waves are wild!  Everybody falls down at least ten times.  I scrape my knees in three different places.

Evan wants five cokes!  He slurps them up in four sips.  Sounds delicious

I got buried in sand by my cousin and uncle.  I got buried sooooooo tight that I could barely breathe!  My cousin even stepped on me!

Evan got buried in a hole that is three “feet” deep!  He is even standing in it!

I am swimming with my cousin Ian.  Does Ian like it?  Is it too cold?

People were flying kites!  It was windy.  It was a perfect day to fly kites. Dog kites,  Princess  kites and butterfly kites!

Evan surfs on the sand as the waves pull him back. Its sand surfing!

This was our trip at the beach!
By Sophie Hummel 

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