Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sunset time lapse

I spent the past week in Del Mar California with my family (another longer post to follow), and while there devoted some time to playing with my Canon T2i and the software Magic Lantern (freeware, actually) that I had just installed onto the cameras SD card.  The software is pretty amazing and while many of its features were designed for shooting video there are some neat features for still photos as well.  Seeing how powerful the software is, it makes one wonder why Canon has not directly incorporated many of the ideas into their newer cameras.  While I have just started to scratch the surface of all it has to offer, I did try the built in intervalometer while the sun was setting over the ocean.  The result is the animation below.  Images were taken every 10 seconds using a 24-105mm zoom lens at 32mm, with manual exposure changes as the sun was setting.  Magic Lantern has a feature to automatically ramp the exposure, but that is the next feature I need to explore.

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