Saturday, March 1, 2014

Double Rainbow

A wet winter storm has been making its way through Arizona today, delivering some much needed precipitation to the desert and mountains alike.  Yesterday I heard that the Santa Catalina mountains north of town are experiencing the driest winter in 30 years.  Typically the mountains would see an average of approximately 180 inches of precipitation annually, and this year there have been less than 30!

After a full day of wind and rain, the clouds broke in the west just before sunset and a spectacular double rainbow appeared in the eastern sky.  I grabbed my camera and although I did not have a lens wide enough to capture the whole rainbow I still managed to grab a few quick images of the vibrant colors.
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  1. Hi Alan-
    You don't need a wider lens - you need freeware! Google "Microsoft ICE" and watch the demo, download the software and get into mosaics. Works great at joining images seamlessly - have had lots of recent examples on the blog with up to a dozen frames. Works great! Nice pics!