Thursday, September 11, 2014


Two nights ago I went into our storage room where I keep the astronomy gear and gadgets that are not in my observatory and discovered some new friends...We had accidentally left the door open to the storage room the night before and these guys seized on the opportunity to homestead.  I am used to bats flying around the observatory in the evening hours and rather enjoy seeing them flit around and do their part to keep the mosquito population in check this time of year.  However, having a group of 7 of them them swirling around your head in a small room because you are in what they consider their new crib is a rather startling experience.  Below is an image of 4 of the bats that were a little more reluctant to leave than the others...there is something a little too organized in their consideration of strategy...I am pretty sure the guy behind the rafter was in charge and the other three were waiting for his command to proceed with the operation to extract the astronomer.

I am asking a few friends if they can ID these and will update if I find out.

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