Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Lunar Eclipse in LA

I am in Los Angeles visiting my sister and her family in advance of some meetings related to work over the next three days (I hope to post some photos from today's meeting later...).  Very early this morning there was a total lunar eclipse, which is the type of event that even the drastic light pollution of Los Angeles can not diminish.  After spending yesterday at the beach, I was too tired to watch the whole eclipse, but I did manage to pull myself out of bed at about 2:50 AM to watch the moon slip towards totality at 3:25 AM PDT.  I was joined by my insomniac sister, who despite having instructed me not to wake her to watch the eclipse is rumored to have enjoyed it.  Below are two images I took with my Canon T2i and my 70-200mm f/4 lens during the eclipse.  Somehow in all my fiddling I did not extend the zoom all the way, so the images are taken at 180mm.

First, approaching totality at 3:19 AM (1019 UT), 1/2 second at ISO 400.  Note the blue dot to the left of the moon...and be sure to enlarge the image to see the blue dot.

Second, at 3:35 AM (1035 UT) about 10 minutes into totality.  1/3 second also at ISO 400...again, note that blue dot about a half-degree left of the moon...Anatomical jokes aside, that little blue dot is Uranus!  Make sure to enlarge to full size to see it.

And just in case you are having a hard time, here it is labelled!

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