Monday, January 11, 2010

Another look at AR 11040

This sketch is the second sketch I have made of Active Region 11040.  Up to date images of this active region can be seen at the Solar Monitor website, and are worth checking out.

Instrument: Lunt 60mm Hydrogen Alpha scope/BF 1200 blocking filter
Eyepiece: Baader Hyperion Zoom at 12-16mm

Atmosphere: High Cirrus clouds with poor-below average seeing.
Time of sketch: 1720-1725 UT, January 11, 2010

Carrington Rotation: 2092     Diameter: 32.52'

Active region is not as bright as it was during my observation two days ago, however, it has taken on a distinctly horseshoe shape.  A few small spots are visible inside the region, confirmed through de-tuning the etalon.  Also, two small brighter areas are noted almost on the central meridian. There is one prominent filament visible, as well as a few darker areas that seemed to become more pronounced during the session.  There are a few prominences that while small, are complex.

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