Sunday, July 29, 2012

July 29 Sun

Quite humid today here in Tucson, which is a good sign for our parched desert.  Hopefully we will see some thunderstorm action at the Lost Pleiad Observatory this afternoon to cool things off make the desert tortoise (and me) happy.  I have just returned from a great two week camping trip with Ian in the Colorado Rockies and hope to post a brief trip report and pictures later today...or maybe tomorrow...I did however head outside this morning and take a quick picture of the Sun in white light.  My image is first, and a labelled comparison image from SDO is below.  The SDO image was taken about 28 minutes prior to my image.  Click the images to enlarge them and remember that if your browser automatically re-sizes images you may need to click it a second time to enlarge it to full size.

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