Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wildlife, as Ian sees it

Sorry to steal the tag line from Canon, but the truth is that Ian took these pictures with my Canon T2i, while we were on our recent 2 week camping trip to Colorado.  I still plan to write up a blog post, but in the mean time, click on the pictures below and see a few of our friends.  We also saw a couple herds of elk, bald and golden eagles, beavers, and a host of deer...but no pictures, only memories!

Sharing our vittles with the locals

Wild Burro families in South Park, Colorado

Pronghorn eyeing us carefully near Hartsel, CO (enlarge this to see her eyelashes)

Dinosaur tracks (OK, geese, if you must know the truth)

A white pelican that somehow migrated to 11 mile Reservoir and never left

Ian and his friend Henry with one of the Crayfish they were capturing (and releasing)

A cute young burro pulling on mama's ear

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