Sunday, August 12, 2012

August 12 white light Sun

Another day of playing around taking pictures of the Sun in white light.  I again captured a full disc image, and again attempted using the Televue 2x Big Barlow.  I was not fighting clouds this morning which took away one degree of difficulty, and I discovered just how tricky it is to focus accurately at high power.

This morning I used the wonderful program BackyardEOS to capture the images and was attempting to utilize the frame and focus in addition to the 2x magnification of the barlow, I was using the 5x magnification of the software.  It was an exercise in atmospheric turbulence!  The Sunspots were large on the monitor and went from fuzzy to sharp to fuzzy so fast I was amazed.  In any event, below is a full disc taken without the barlow and a crop of the barlowed image containing the large spot region 11543.

Click the images to enlarge to full size

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