Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hawkish behavior

Last night I was up at the Mount Lemmon SkyCenter doing some preparatory work with the 20 inch Jamieson Telescope which we will be using with several middle school groups over the next couple months.  Many days around sunset there are several hawks (likely a family) which play and hunt along the domed ridge.  The ridge is literally the summit of Mt Lemmon and the hawks are able to sit nearly still on the updrafts for long periods of time, without even flapping their wings.  It is hard not to believe that in addition to the playing and hunting, the hawks are coming to this place and facing west at sunset to peacefully appreciate the majestic view.

Unfortunately the skies were overcast yesterday around the time the hawks came out to play so it was very difficult to take pictures of them, as there were only fleeting moments of sunlight to illuminate them.  At left, a silhouette, and the one below from a brief moment when the hawk was illuminated slightly.
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