Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day Solar Images

The image below was captured at 8:54 AM local time (1554 UT) this morning.  Seeing conditions were slightly below average with the limb of the Sun in constant motion.  At about 30 frames per second I am able to negate the seeing conditions somewhat, however, compared to the images I captured on November 8th when the seeing was quite good, I am able to appreciate the difference on a day like today.  This is a stack of 250 frames out off 1000, binned 2x2, processed in Registax.  Using Photoshop I also increased the exposure setting for the prominences on the upper limb of the resulted in a cool look although the process did introduce some brightening artifacts on the limb.

The image below was taken at the full resolution of the little ZWO camera, 1280x960.  Whenever I try this it seems that the resulting image has a grid pattern that is difficult to remove in processing.  In addition, stacking a good number of frames results in artifacts that make the image appear as if it were a completed jigsaw puzzle.  Focus was a little off, and it was taken a few minutes earlier than the above image, so perhaps the atmosphere steadied a bit for the later capture.  In any event, here you have it-

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