Saturday, August 16, 2014

A fountain of love

Picking up from yesterday's post and trying to build some blogging momentum, here are a few more pictures from the summer travels.  I know I indicated some Mount Lemmon images but I am pushing those to tomorrow.  First up today are a couple shots from our trip to North Carolina to see Beth's family.  While they live in Garner (a Raleigh suburb) we spent the majority of our time on the coast just south of Wilmington.  The weather was not the most cooperative for taking pictures during our stay (add to that that we spend most of our time on the beach) but I did get a couple pictures from Wilmington that are worth sharing.  First up is a picture of the boardwalk and the Cape Fear Memorial Lift Bridge on the Cape Fear River.   It is currently the highest bridge in North Carolina and features a lift span that can be raised 135 feet allowing ships to navigate below. The lift span itself is 408 feet long.  I was hoping to catch it with the lift span in the lifted position and a ship passing below, but no such luck this year.

The picture below was taken in front of the Federal Building in downtown Wilmington.  That sexy woman being swept up in front of the fountain is none other than my dear wife Beth (I am the guy doing the sweeping), and my son Ian took the picture.

Now that you have seen these two pictures, here is something interesting...I forgot to bring my camera with me that night and these images were both taken with my phone!  I have never been one to take pictures using my phone but I am amazed at the results. Keep in mind that these are reduced in resolution for the blog, from around 5000 pixels wide to 1200 in landscape orientation. In case you are wondering, it is a Samsung Galaxy (naturally).

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