Monday, June 4, 2012

Sun Spot Shot June 4th

One thing about having an observatory is that there is no set up required to look through the this morning I was able to head outside, open the roof, attach the camera, fire off 20 shots and be back indoors within about 20 minutes.  I managed to grab a couple shots with the Canon T2i in moments of decent seeing and here is one of them...taken with the TEC 140 and Lunt Herschel for full size:
Click to enlarge to full size

Compare to the image from the Solar Dynamics Observatory (I know, they are reversed left to right...)


  1. Hi Alan

    Nice images. Wish you good luck with the transit. We are clouded out but there is a slight chance to see the transit in Switzerland.
    Keep in touch!


    1. We are streaming it live on the SkyCenter webpage!

      We will begin broadcasting about an hour prior to first contact (2205 UT)

      So good to see you and Nicole a couple weeks ago-