Wednesday, June 20, 2012

White light image 20 June

Last day of experimenting with white light imaging for a little while as my schedule will prevent me from doing any early morning soalr obsrving for a couple weeks.  This image was taken this morning at 7:59 AM MST (1459 UT) through my TEC 140 with a Lunt Herschel Prism, and a neutral density filter (13% transmission).

It was taken at 1/2500 of a second with an ISO of 800...I slightly sharpened the image and increased the contrast.  I am discovering that with this set-up this may be a compromise to hint at granulation while showing the best sunspot detail.  Everyone I talk to says to increase the focal length and use video to capture and then integrate the best frames.  I am sure this is ideal, but I am also fairly sure that my interest is not great enough (yet) for the expense of money or time.  I am pretty happy with the images so far.

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