Sunday, September 2, 2012

Active Region 11560

Another morning of Solar Observing and taking pictures of the Sun in white light.  Seeing conditions were very good this morning allowing for a close up view of the large spot region 11560.  First, here is an image of the southern hemisphere of the to enlarge to full size:

The image was taken at 1531 UT (8:31 AM, MST) through my TEC 140, Lunt Herschel Prism, 2x Barlow combination.  It is a single shot at 1/800 of a second, ISO 100 taken with my Canon T2i.  I have scaled the image down for presentation on the blog, but clicking on the image below will take you to the full resolution of the large active region 11560.  It is a crop from the above image, and one can appreciate how stable the atmosphere was given the level of detail in the spots as well as the solar granulation visible.

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