Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Live from Mount Lemmon...

...It's Saturday night!  I have not written much lately at all about my job as Director of the Mount Lemmon SkyCenter, however, we are embarking on an exciting project this Saturday night.  We are fortunate to have a graduate NASA Space Grant Fellow with us this year, who has partnered with the Tucson chapter of Inner City Outings (ICO) to pilot overnight youth trips up Mount Lemmon.  These trips are designed to take advantage of the unique Sky Island environment and expose youth to science curriculum in the natural world.  ICO works primarily with under-served and refugee youth, and is a very impressive volunteer run organization. The Mount Lemmon SkyCenter is at its heart an astronomical facility and these trips will culminate with the students making astronomical observations.  Many folks within Steward Observatory have been working to assist us as we prepare for this endeavor.  Staff been hard at work updating technology as well as fine tuning the 20 inch Jamieson Telescope for use with school groups.  I will likely post a report following the weekend, but here are some pictures of the facilities that I took last night with my Canon T2i.  What 8th grader would not want to play with us?!?  Click the images to enlarge them.

Jamieson dome

Jamieson cooling down
 60-inch preparing for work with Catalina SkySurvey

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