Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mid-September Sunspots

It has been quite windy the past few days at the Lost Pleiad Observatory as the last of the summer monsoon moisture is being driven out by a high pressure system.  even though the gusts this morning were around 25 mph, I wanted to grab an image of the Sun as I had not been able to in over a week.  Below is a crop of my image showing active regions 11571 on the left and 11569 on the right.  the image was captured at 9:25 AM MST (1625 UT) with my TEC 140, Lunt Herschel Prism and Canon T2i.  It is a single shot at 1/4000 of a second, ISO 100, captured with the software program BackyardEOS.  Due to the high winds shaking everything it was difficult to obtain sharp focus and the atmosphere was fairly unstable as well.  Click to enlarge to full size.

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