Sunday, September 30, 2012

Final September Sun

I had forgotten that on my way home from work on Thursday, I noticed a halo around the Sun that persisted long enough for me to arrive at home and grab my camera.  It was quite difficult for me to photograph, given my rank amateur status, but nonetheless at least the image gives you a hint of how neat it was in reality.

Below is an image of the Sun in white light taken at 1626 UT this morning through my TEC 140 and Lunt Herschel Prism.  I am still learning the ropes with Adobe Photoshop and I really need to identify a process that works and stick with it.  Overall, the image is not bad, however, I know that if I had a little more patience in both acquiring and processing the image I would end up with better results.  I guess that is why as much fun as I have dabbling in astrophotography, I'll always be a visual observer at heart.  (Do you hear that Mr. Wiles?)  As always, click to enlarge to full size

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