Every so often there is a movie posted on the internet that is worth sharing.  Here are some good ones:

Unbelievable video of Saturn and Jupiter created with raw frames from Cassini:

Great discussion of meteorite studies by Dolores Hill of the UA Lunar and Planetary lab:

Stunning tour of the moon courtesy of the Goddard Space Center and the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter:

2012 Transit of Venus

Asteroid Discoveries:

Stunning video of Earth as Astronauts return from the ISS:

Time Lapse From Space - Literally. The Journey Home. from Fragile Oasis on Vimeo.

Asteroid 2005YU55 close pass to the Earth on 11/9/11 (UT) as observed by guests of the Mount Lemmon SkyCenter:

Near Earth Asteroid 2005 YU55 (11/08/2011) from Adam Block on Vimeo.

This is a video of the expansion of GK Persei, the Nova of 1901, also known as the Fireworks Nebula:

GK Persei, Nova of 1901: The Firework Nebula from Adam Block on Vimeo.

A short film on wavelengths and temperature of light:

Beyond the Red: Short Waves, Long Waves from Lightcurve Films on Vimeo.

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory celebrates one year of HD imaging of the Sun!

One of my favorite videos, while somewhat dated, is the Volume Visualization of the Orion Nebula.  It is well worth watching...

And of course, some humor from The Most Interesting Man in the World...